Make Forest Conservation Your Legacy

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Your Planned Gift can have a major impact on forest conservation and resilient working forests now and for generations to come. Contact us today to secure your legacy with a planned gift to the Foundation for Sustainable Forests.

Entrusting the Foundation for Sustainable Forests with the conservation of your woodland can carry forward both your conservation and management goals, plan for your and your loved ones' futures, and secure the future of the FSF and the forests it protects in perpetuity.

"Planned" or "legacy" gifts are contributions of cash, equity, or land that are arranged in the present and granted at a future date, most often donated through a will or trust. There are many ways to secure your legacy:

  • Name the Foundation for Sustainable Forests in your Will or Living Trust. You can specify your bequest as a dollar amount, a percentage of your estate, or a specific asset such as real estate or securities. This approach offers flexibility to you, the donor, because your assets remain in your control during your lifetime and you can modify your bequest at any time.


  • Designate the Foundation for Sustainable Forests as a Beneficiary of your IRA or Pension Plan. By naming the FSF as a beneficiary of your retirement assets, you are supporting the FSF's mission through a revocable commitment. In addition, your distribution of assets to a nonprofit entity can also reduce income tax liability at the time of distribution.


  • Set up a qualified charitable distribution. IRA owners who are age 70 1/2 or older (or 72 or older if you reach the age of 70 1/2 after December 31, 2019), can make a tax-free charitable contribution from their retirement account to the Foundation for Sustainable Forests via directed donation to the Crawford Heritage Community Foundation


  • Gifts of Real Estate.   Gifts of forested land will be sustainable working woodlands in perpetuity and will directly further the mission of the Foundation for Sustainable Forests to conserve forested land in the region. Visit our Forest Conservation Planning page for more information.


If you are interested in discussing your Planned Giving options, please contact Annie Maloney at [email protected] or call (814) 694-5830.

My wife Jane and I consider it an honor to be associated with the Foundation for Sustainable Forests. We could think of no better way to have part of our legacy do the most good. We are truly grateful to FSF for the important work they do.
-Bob Slagter