Listen to Wendell Berry’s “A Forest Conversation” about FSF!

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June 19, 2024
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July 9, 2024

Listen to Wendell Berry’s A Forest Conversation about FSF!

As Foundation for Sustainable Forests celebrates its 20th year, we look back to A Forest Conversation, an essay by Wendell Berry that explores the organization’s founders, mission, and roots. In 2022, Wendell recorded his reading of the essay, which was first published decade earlier in Farming Magazine in 2012, and later included in his 2015 collection titled Our Only World. His words offer rich perspectives and an insightful look at the critical importance of forest conservation and thoughtful management. We hope you enjoy the recording!

“When you find a farmer or forester who has united the inescapable economic concern with an equally compelling interest in ecology, that is when you had better stop and take notice”. – Wendell Berry, on Troy Firth, founder of the Foundation for Sustainable Forests.