New urban forest partnership with City of Erie

Jason Rutledge at Loving the Land through Working Forests Conference
2018 Spring/Summer Newsletter
July 19, 2018
Carmen and Kathy Testi
2018/19 Fall – Winter Newsletter
December 12, 2018

The Foundation for Sustainable Forests is pleased to announce a new partnership with the City of Erie to develop a sustainable management plan for Erie’s wooded parks.  The City of Erie hosts approximately 150 acres of urban forests within its parks.  Sarah Galloway, city Arborist and Sustainability Coordinator, is eager to see a management plan in place to ensure the long term health and vigor of Erie’s forests.  The Foundation for Sustainable Forests will assist the City in seeking input from neighborhood communities and Erie area environmental organizations to develop a plan to improve forest ecosystem health and wildlife habitat, while also keeping these wooded parks accessible for enjoyment by the public.

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