Vernal pool exploration – the event so nice we offered it twice!

FSF attends and presents at PA Forest Landowner Conference
March 27, 2023
“Somehow Hopeful” film screening has a full house!
April 3, 2023

March is an exciting time for vernal, or "springtime", pools! They play temporary host to a rich diversity of wildlife, most notably frogs and salamanders that gather there for breeding season.

With the help of Dr. Casey Bradshaw-Wilson of the Watershed Conservation Research Center, FSF hosted a vernal pool exploration at the home of Wilma and Guy Dunkle on March 17th. Fairy shrimp, Jefferson salamanders, and singing American Woodcock in the neighboring field made for an exciting evening!

A couple of weeks later, FSF was pleased to return to the Dunkles' vernal pool with the Master Watershed Stewards of Erie, Crawford, and Warren Counties.  As the springtime progresses, so does the activity at the pool, and this time they witnessed spotted salamanders and a chorus of wood frogs as well!