Sustainable Forestry in Action at Allegheny College’s Robertson Athletic Complex

Forest Protected in the Caldwell Creek Watershed
February 27, 2016
Loving the Land 2016 a Success!
July 5, 2016

The Foundation of Sustainable Forests’ sustainable forestry approach is currently in action in Allegheny College’s own backyard!   Behind Robertson’s Athletic Complex,  select trees are being felled to achieve the goals of  “promoting the growth of ecologically and economically valuable trees and teaching students students a lesson in sustainability”, according to Allegheny College journalist Rick Stanley.    Once felled, the trees are being removed from the forest using horse-drawn logging teams, which minimize damage to the forest floor compared to mechanical skidders or other equipment.

Guy Dunkle, Allegheny alumnus, chief forester on the project, offers a nice description of the role that this project is playing in promoting healthy forest management practices. Guy manages forests for the FFSF as well, and explains well this project aligns with the FFSF’s mission.

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Photo courtesy of Photo Caption: Professor Rich Bowden, left, Guy Dunkle ’05, and Owen Ludwig ’17 discuss the logging operations in January. Photo Credit: Derek Li